1. Read the requirements again.

    Please do it. Did you know that updating Geforce Experience can reset game video settings to "optimized profile" and silently enable Fullscreen mode?

  2. Check the logs.

  3. Are you playing with Vulkan renderer? Update GPU drivers.

    If Awakened works for you with DirectX11/12 renderer, then problem is old Vulkan drivers for sure.

  4. Delete %appdata%\awakened-poe-trade

    If needed, backup apt-data folder with your configuration inside.

  5. Close all applications that you can in tray and task manager.

    Launch them later one at a time to identify conflict.

  6. Restart Awakened PoE Trade.

    (don't forget to quit first, otherwise launching second instance will do nothing).

  7. As last resort, go to Discord. But if you don't describe something specific about your problem, you will most likely be directed to this page.