This guide will help you to setup and perform OCR using Awakened PoE Trade.

OCR Setup

  1. Download a 6MB archive with OCR files from here.

  2. Open the folder with configuration file.

  3. Extract "cv-ocr" folder, inside the archive, into it.
    You should have the following structure:

    ├── config.json
    └── cv-ocr/
       ├── eng.traineddata
       ├── ... more files ...
       └── tesseract-core-simd.wasm
  4. Restart the application.

Widget configuration

  1. Open the widget by clicking near the Settings button.

    I prefer to place it at the bottom.

  2. Edit the widget and assign a hotkey.

Rules to follow before pressing the hotkey

  1. Both icons should be fully visible.

  2. The text should not be occluded by health bar or other elements.

Happy hunting!