First of all, how does it work?

When you press Ctrl + C Path of Exile copies the item's text (under cursor, if any) to the clipboard. All that remains is to parse text in Awakened PoE Trade and show to you in a fancy way.


  • Default hotkeys
    • Press Ctrl + D to check the price of the item
      Hold CTRL if you do not want the window to close. As soon as the cursor is within the window, you can release CTRL.
    • Press Ctrl + Alt + D to check the price of the item
      Opens a window, but does not hide it automatically when moving the mouse
    • Alt + W to open the item on Wiki
    • Shift + Space to access overlay with widgets
  • Default chat commands
    • Press F5 to go to hideout
    • Press F9 to exit to Character selection screen
  • Other
    • Ctrl + MouseWheel to scroll through stash tabs

Some functions don't have hotkeys assigned by default to avoid conflicts on your system. You can set them and change default hotkeys in the Settings.

Price Check Window

When Price checking this item: Item Example

the following window will appear: Pricing Exmaple

The app does not magically check the price of your item. You tick the checkboxes and relevant filters for the item yourself. Choose stats that synergize well, this knowledge only comes from playing different build archetypes.

You may notice that some stats from the item are missing, this is because they have been grouped into "pseudo" stats. For example, the spell damage from 3 mods on this wand have been grouped together into one pseudo spell damage stat with a value of all the mods combined.

The numbers on the side of each filter indicate the min-max range to search for on the trade site. They are automatically filled in with a slight decrease in the actual roll so that you can find items on the trade. You can always adjust them manually if you have a perfectly rolled T1 mod, for example.